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For floors that you expect to have high foot traffic, vinyl flooring could be your solution. Vinyl’s water resistance makes it an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. The styles from which to choose are nearly endless and you’ll love how easy they are to maintain. The only thing more attractive than the style of today’s vinyl is its price, particularly the price you’ll find at Affordable Flooring & Furniture in Cadillac, Michigan

Affordable Flooring & Furniture customers are surprised to discover that they don’t have to compromise great style when they shop for affordable vinyl flooring. Our brands combine the comfort of a resilient floor with a seriously durable surface layer all at a price that makes their value irresistible. Spend some time browsing in our showroom and you’ll be a vinyl believer, too!

Vinyl Floor Tile
The latest in alternative floor covering is vinyl tile). Vinyl tile is made to have the look of more traditional ceramic tile, but is made of a vinyl composite material. That means that it feels warmer to the touch and it won’t crack if a heavy pot is dropped on it. It can be installed with grout lines to make it visually indistinguishable from tile. Now, at Affordable Flooring & Furniture in Northern Michigan, you can get the luxury of tile at an affordable price that comes with a winter-friendly warmth.

We Feature Bishop and Coretec Vinyl Floors & Vinyl Tile

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